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  • VSCCS Engineering Certificates
  • Blue ,Pink and Gas rego inspections
  • Mechanic,Electrician & Engineer
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Welcome to markdewhurst.com

Mark Dewhurst is a NSW VSCCS Engineer, Mechanic and Auto Electrician based on the Central Coast NSW and is involved in many different automotive and information Technology services.
And as such depending on what service you require different websites will need to be accessed.
To obtain a NSW Engineering certificate you will need to access www.ccmc.com.au or click on either one of the above or below buttons, below is some more information on how to sign up and some FAQ.

There are free DIY guides and downloadable information on automotive subjects as well.

The NSW Mobile Pink slip service is a new initiative of Transport NSW to allow qualified examiners to perform mobile registration services, to see available inspectors select the NSWRego.com button above or visit the web address.
CCMC apps is Android and Web based applications.

Click here to go to www.ccmc.com.au

Below you can click on the buttons to see basic complience related FAQ.

Fitting of non-original seats or seatbelts or any alteration to original seat,seatbelt or anchorages require certification.


Fitting an engine that is not of an original family of engine for the series of models, or any engine more than 20% larger than the largest original optional engine for that series. Fitting of turbochargers or superchargers not originally offered by the engine or vehicle manufacturer, or any modification increasing the original power output by more than 20% requires certification.


Replacement of tyres that change tyre overall diameter by more than 7% of the overall original diameter.
Replacement of wheels where the rim width exceeds the largest wheel combination specified by the manufacturer by greater than 25 mm.
If the replacement tyres protrude outside of the body in the straight ahead postion or hit suspension or body at any point in suspension travel then it requires certification.


Altering vehicle ride height by more than one third of the manufacturer’s suspension travel in the direction of the ride height change. Examples requiring certification:
•Conversion from coil to leaf springs.
•Any modification to the suspension configuration.
•Fitting a suspension of a different design eg from a different make and model(eg from coil springs to leaf springs).
•Fabrication of suspension mounting points.
•height increase more then 50mm.


Any change of body style (eg convertible conversions; panel vans to utilities; sedans to coupes and ‘tudors’; ‘chop top’ conversions; and tilt front conversions) or changes to body that affect structure.
Extension of cabins or chassis,structural reinforcment for other modifications and evan conversion of a vehicle to campervan/motorhome require certification.


Any modification resulting in the exhaust noise or emission output changing or even exhaust placment requires certification.



How to Signup and fillout online application

First you need to become an online member by purchasing the Certification Application product at the cost of $30 on the ccmc.com.au website this insures that all information and photos are secure and can only be viewed by yourself and the engineer.
This assessment fee includes access to a secure section of the website, accessing categories that will need to be certified, building an evidence list and one on one guidance through the certification process if needed. 
After payment or account set up is completed new sections on the ccmc.com.au website page will be viewable towards the top under the blue menu bar called VSCCS Certificates in progress.
You must fill out the VSCCS Assessment Application, click on the link and the online form will open.
Once the assessment form has been completed please allow up to 24 hours for Mark to get in touch with you by respond on the website.
You can also watch this how to movie on YouTube by clicking on the Play button.



Check us out on PC Phone and Tablet NSWrego

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Yes,the fee for the pink slip will remain the same for a light vehicle $43,Gas vehicle $57, Motorcycle $24, Trailer with no brakes $22, Trailer with brakes $24. An Examiner cannot charge more than the above amounts for the inspection. A call out/travel fee will be charged by the examiner as long as it's separate to the inspection fee and clearly explained/negotiated in advance with the customer.
First contact the Engineer and have a conversation,then go to ccmc.com.au and go to welcome center and read the information on how to sign up and fill out the application form.
No 2 circumstances are the same and differnt modifications can result in different testing being required,normally a rough quote can be provided after the assessment application has been assessed.
No. If your vehicle requires repairs in order to pass inspection or certification, you are free to book this work with any suitably qualified service provider. when the vehicle is ready another appointment will be made for reinspection.
Certification can be anywhere from 1 day to many years,time to complete the average certification from start to finish is normally 1 week from the first physical inspection.

Why we are different

Customer-oriented service

Modern approach to certification with website and app based services with 24/7 access.

Energetic team

When it comes to getting your project legal we will be with you to the end.

Competitive prices

We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. Although some modifications make the price out of our control.

High-quality testing

All testing we provide is done to national standards and recorded and stored.